Content Marketing

You’ve probably heard content marketing come up in a lot of conversations. After all, it’s definitely been a buzzword of 2018, and there’s no sign it’s going to die down in 2019! But the better question would be why should you care about content marketing?

Why Should I Care About Content Marketing?

Content marketing uses content consistently to get in front of a well-defined audience. Content can be anything like:

  • blogs
  • whitepapers
  • email marketing
  • gifs

Content marketing is the glue that holds all your digital marketing campaigns together. We often discuss the importance of top of mind visibility and getting your brand out there.

Want to get to the next level with your digital marketing? A well-executed content marketing strategy can get you there.

Here’s the keyword to take out of the last paragraph: well-executed. Like anything else in the digital marketing sphere, you need a plan! Campaigns don’t just appear out of thin air.

You can’t start posting blogs every single day (please don’t post blogs every day!) and hope that you’ll get in front of your target audience.

You have to understand who you want to get in front of and find creative ways to do it. This means writing content that your audience will engage with and share on the internet.

What Makes Content Marketing Important?

The beauty of content marketing is it can work for any industry when executed correctly! Any topic, like business development, fashion, farming, or truck driving can benefit from content marketing.

To be successful with content marketing, you must have a digital marketing strategy. You will not see the leads and gains you want if you have no presence online.

You should already be ranking pretty well for keywords that are important to you. Standing on its own, content marketing may not be enough for your business. Consider it as a tool that helps your other digital marketing initiatives instead.

Posting on social media every day when you have 10 likes on your Facebook page isn’t going to help you. Blogging weekly when you get less than 100 hits on your non-responsive website a week also won’t help you. Once you have a digital marketing foundation, content marketing is just the cherry on top!

Content Marketing & SEO

As much as we would like to say there’s a magic sauce for SEO, it’s not true. Google is changing constantly. One day you could be number one, and the next day you could be number three on page one. There’s no way to predict what Google is going to do next.

Here’s what we know: content marketing with a smart digital marketing strategy works. Content marketing won’t bolster your SEO overnight. Give it time, and you’ll see great things. You may see popular blog posts start ranking on the first page of Google because of engagement.

Google always notices everything you do online. Updating pictures on your website? Google knows. Wrote a new blog post? Google knows. Change the navigation bar on your homepage? Google knows about that too.

Those small changes all add up over time. Consistently updating content and sharing it across social media is noticed. All those small things could be the difference between ranking number one or number two. There are plenty of other factors at play, but content marketing is a piece of the puzzle.

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