Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Welcome to February! It’s cold, gray, and the perfect time to start thinking about those last minute Valentine’s Day gifts. Yes, the season of love is upon us once again, but we’re switching it up this year, and we encourage you to as well. It’s all about buying local this year, so we are only… Read More

Off Season Marketing Hacks

Whether your business is seasonal or open all year, marketing is a full time, every season endeavor. Off season marketing can seem impossible, especially if you’ve never tried it before. But when done correctly, off season marketing hacks can be the thing that keeps your business going strong, every season of the year. It’s time… Read More

New Years Resolutions For Your Website in 2018!

We know, we know: all you’ve heard about lately are your New Years resolutions! But this time, we’re talking about your website’s new years resolutions. Hopefully, 2017 was the year that you finally took control and went responsive. But even if you did make the responsive switch, there are other things you could be doing… Read More

Local Holiday Shopping in Portland

Did you survive Black Friday? If you didn’t go out and join the crowds, holiday shopping is probably on your mind. Yes, there’s something a little too easy about hopping onto Amazon and getting all your shopping done online, but don’t forget about local holiday shopping! Portland is an incredibly vibrant city to explore, and… Read More

Google Chrome Security Updates You Need To Know!

Security on your website is an extremely important thing. If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ll already know that there are important security updates on the horizon coming from Google. If not, sit back, relax, and let us catch you up on Google Chrome security updates that you need to know!

What To Do In Portland, Maine During A Power Outage

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been affected by the power outage that occurred after the storm on Sunday. Hopefully, your power has been restored, but if not, we’ve put together some tips on what to do in Portland, Maine during a power outage! We’ve got a list of supplies that you need to have… Read More

Is Your Website Ready For The Holiday Season?

We know, you’re probably still thinking about what you’re doing for Halloween, and the holidays are the furthest thing from your mind right now. But the holiday season kicks off in full next month, and there’s a lot to do if you want to be properly prepared. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store on… Read More

Halloween Bashes in Portland 2017

All right, gals and ghouls, everybody’s favorite spooky holiday is right around the corner. We’re talking about Halloween, of course! Want the inside scoop on Halloween bashes in Portland this year? Keep reading, because there’s no good excuse why you shouldn’t be dressing up and celebrating!

The Beginner’s Guide To Influencer Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about putting your business or product in front of the people that should be seeing it. But sometimes it’s the how that gets in people’s way. How do I get my product into an ideal customer’s hands if they’ve never even heard of me? This leads us straight… Read More


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