COVID-19 Infographic

While the number of COVID-19 cases rises, small businesses in Maine are taking a hard hit. More than ever, business leaders in Maine are scrambling to figure out how they can create revenue.

How can they create online streams for new revenue to survive during this pandemic? The answer isn’t set in stone but Maine can and will get through this.

Not sure how your business can keep going in the middle of a pandemic? Keep reading for 9 ways your business can succeed during uncertain times!

1. Put Community First

It’s too easy to look at the larger global picture and feel hopeless. There’s no way to save the whole country from your living room windows.

But it’s important we focus on our own community. Take time to donate and give back to your local health workers in any way possible.

Hear their concerns and (if you can) address them to the best of your ability. Take proactive steps to ensure their safety. The Center for Disease Control provides additional advice here.

2. Exercise Daily

You can’t be the best you if you don’t get into a healthy routine. You owe it to your family, your employees, and yourself to get into a routine you can stick to.

Doing some daily hard cardio will help you let off steam. It allows the brain to reduce some of the mental chatter going on in the background.

It’s this chatter that impacts our abilities to lead and think clearly. Exercise has always been an important part of leadership but in times of crisis, it’s critical. Do it! Stay in the routine. STAY RELENTLESS.

3. Have Daily Leadership Meetings

You can’t do it all. In times of crisis, it’s more important than ever to gather your best leaders on a daily basis.

As the CEO, your role is just listening. Hear the ideas, concerns, and thoughts of your best people.

They likely have some solutions you haven’t yet considered. We also recommend speaking with other business leaders outside of your company. They can be a source of inspiration who relate to the concerns/problems you are dealing with.

4. Support Other Local Businesses

Remember that others are hurting just as much as you are or maybe more. Buying local help keeps all the small businesses in Maine afloat during this pandemic.

If you can, buy directly from the seller. Do your best to move away from big-box stores and shop at the local markets that sell more locally made products.

5. Communicate With Your Clients

Morale is a key concern for employees who are worried about their job security. That worry can even drip down to the client level.

Is your business no longer capable of producing the same quality or service levels? Take proactive steps to ensure client communication is consistent.

Transparency is a must! It will create a stronger bond between you and your clients.

6. Focus On Ways to Make New Revenue Streams Online

Your website may well be a very underutilized new business driver. Take a deep look at your marketing.

Do you have a “COVID-19” response on the homepage? Are your social media channels staying updated and active?

Can you run any sort of paid advertising to promote your products or services? Eyeballs have never been more glued to mobile phones and laptop screens than right now.

Did you know that cost per clicks are low and conversion rates are high? You may be missing an opportunity to get some new clients without having to pay a lot to get them.

We can help you figure this out without going over your budget.

7. Think Long Term

When it comes to the pandemic, everyone keeps saying, “just take it day by day.” While that’s a nice sentiment, it’s not exactly realistic. That’s not how people and businesses are looking at things.

Take a deep look into your financial situation. Try to plan for three scenarios: Best, Worst, and middle-ground.

How long could your company possibly survive? Once you have an understanding of that timeframe, you’ll be able to think of life in weeks, not days.

It’s a scary but necessary exercise. But the more information you can obtain will lead to better data-driven decisions. Use that data to understand what you can and cannot afford.

8. Reshuffle your internal capacity (if needed)

The world is in desperate need. If there was ever a time to put office politics aside, it’s right now.

If the marketing team is slow, maybe they can help in sales. If sales came to a halt, have them help out with development.

This very blog you’re reading is an example of this exercise. I’m not our blog writer- hardly even a writer at all- but they needed help. Everyone needs to be willing to pitch in when they are needed.

9. Stay Calm

My younger brother has a joke that I love. The premise is simple. When something unwanted/unexpected happens that you don’t like, he’ll calmly advise: “Well, the first thing I would do is freak out.”

Obviously, my brother is highlighting that “freaking out” does nothing to help the situation. In most cases, it only makes the situation worse.

You have to stay calm when bad things happen. It’s easy to have a “why me?” attitude about this pandemic. But staying calm is the mark of a true leader.

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