PWC Website Launches

Check out the newly redesigned DiMillo's website!

Happy #ThrowbackThursday everyone! We’ve got a big transformation to reveal today. If you’ve been on the DiMillo’s website recently, you may have noticed some changes! We’re proud to announce that DiMillo’s new website with Portland Website Co. is finished! We think the design is gorgeous, but the more important change is the new site is now responsive. Keep reading for a glimpse into the new design and find out why these improvements were necessary!

DiMillo’s 2.0

Check out our before and after, and it’s clear to see that the difference between the old and new site is night and day! The first thing you’ll notice is the site is now full width. When you see a site that looks like it’s the same width as an 8×11 sheet of paper, this is one of the first signs that a site desperately needs an upgrade! After all, if your website isn’t up to date, what else might not be? These are the ways that consumers and your customers think. The new DiMillo’s site has been streamlined, with the goal of making everything easy to find thanks to a clear and concise navigation.

In addition to making the new site full width, it’s been designed with ease of accessibility in mind. That means that everything you’re looking for is a cinch to find. Testimonials directly from Google pull automatically onto the homepage, while the photography is clean and highlights exactly what DiMillo’s is all about. There are hundreds of restaurants in Portland, and to stand out in Bon Appetit’s Restaurant City of the Year is easier said than done. But with a polished new design, we’re confident that tourists and locals alike are going to love what they find!

Old DiMillo's homepage                       The new DiMillo's website is here!

Responsive On ALL Devices

Going along with ease of accessibility is the fact that the new site is completely responsive on all devices. This means that if you start looking at it on your phone at work, switch to a tablet in the car, and then check on your laptop later that night, you’ll have a seamless experience all around. For a restaurant on Portland’s working waterfront, this is extremely important. Thousands of tourists walk past DiMillo’s every single day. If your website isn’t responsive or doesn’t appear attractive on a smartphone, you could be losing critical potential customers. Responsiveness is a must in the eyes of Google as well and can affect if you rank on the first page for search results.

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