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We're so proud we walked in this year's walk to end Alzheimer's!

Last weekend, we were proud to have our team walk as part of the 2018 Greater Portland Walk to End Alzheimer’s! If you’ve been keeping up with our team, the Portland Web Walkers, then you’ll know that we’ve been raising money for this great event for months! We’ve held fundraising dinners at Elsmere in South Portland, auctioned off awesome prizes in our raffle, and spread the word across social media. This year, we’re so proud to announce that we raised $4,511 for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s!

The full team at this year's walk to end Alzheimer's!

The Greater Portland Portland Walk to End Alzheimer’s is held annually at Back Cove by the Maine chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. The walk is a symbol of hope for those that may have Alzheimer’s, or have family members who have it. Currently, there has not been a survivor of this horrible disease, and that’s part of what this walk is all about! Look around you, and we’re sure that you know at least one person who has been touched by this disease, if not more.

What The Walk Is All About

The walk is also about raising money to eventually fund a cure for Alzheimer’s and to help care for patients who have already succumbed to the disease. Alzheimer’s takes everything that you love most and rips it from you. Your memories, your name, your life…it’s all affected by Alzheimer’s. Though there is no cure, we do know that people who are related to someone with Alzheimer’s are more likely to develop it in their life, as it is passed on genetically. Each year, millions of people are affected by Alzheimer’s and it’s not going to stop until we find a cure!

Just one of the many beautiful moments from this year's walk to end Alzheimer's!
Image courtesy of the Alzheimer’s Association

One of the best ways to fight against Alzheimer’s is to raise awareness. Whether you join us for next year’s walk (and we hope you do!) or you donate money to a team that is walking, every little bit counts. If everyone who reads this post shared it with their own friends and family, we could make a big impact, without ever spending a cent. Sometimes the most important thing is reaching people and making sure they have information. The beauty of social media is there’s no limit to how many times a post could be seen.

PWC's Diane Maine's on why the walk to end Alzheimer's is so important
Check out Portland Website’s own Diane Maines being interviewed by WMTW!

Thanks To Our Sponsors!

The phrase it takes a village is true, especially when it came to our sponsors! Our raffle was a resounding success, thanks to the following sponsors:

Fore Street was a sponsor in our walk to end Alzheimer's raffle!Long's Board was a sponsor in this year's walk to end Alzheimer's raffle!Arlberg Ski & Sport Shops was one of our many sponsors in this year's walk to end Alzheimer's raffle!

Just one more great Alzheimer's Walk sponsor: Derby Skate Club!    Frog and Turtle in Westbrook is proud to be a sponsor of this year's walk to end Alzheimer's raffle!

Sunday River is proud to be part of this year's Alzheimer's Walk raffle!    Meet Salt Air Designs, a sponsor of this year's Alzheimer's Walk raffle!


We can’t wait to participate again next year, and hope to raise even more for this incredibly worthy cause!