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Are you ready for this round of Google Chrome security updates?

Security on your website is an extremely important thing. If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ll already know that there are important security updates on the horizon coming from Google. If not, sit back, relax, and let us catch you up on Google Chrome security updates that you need to know!

Spammy Redirects Are Being Removed

If you’ve been on the internet, then you obviously already know all about how frustrating it is when you get redirected somewhere you don’t want to go. Lots of questionable sites with annoying pop up ads will often deploy the redirect method. You’ll go to click an ad to close it, and instead of closing the ad, you’ll end up on a completely different URL than you originally planned. Over the next few months, Google is finally going after these spammy redirects.

The plan is supposed to roll out in three parts. The first part will be blocking ads that are attempting to redirect visitors to go somewhere they never intended. When this occurs, a toolbar will load on the page that will inform the user that a redirect attempt has been blocked from occurring. The second part will have Google specifically blocking ads that work like a reverse pop up ad. These are the ads that redirect you from your original destination. Instead, Google will redirect to the ad, and then the link that you clicked will open in a separate, new tab. The third part is more hands on, and will require Google going after links that are disguised as buttons, like the triangular play button that shows on Youtube videos. The roll out is still in pre-beta mode, but everyone should have these changes rolled out to them by the first few months of 2018, according to Google’s Chromium Blog.

Insecure Sites Now Being Flagged in Google Chrome Automatically

Have you updated Google Chrome lately? If you have, we have a feeling you may have already seen these Google Chrome security updates.  In the new Google Chrome 62 update, users are now being warned automatically if Google Chrome thinks a site is insecure. A site is considered insecure if it doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed on it. Yes, this is something that we already warned you about a few weeks back, and it’s a very important aspect of your site security. Even if you have a website that isn’t selling products, and can’t be considered e-commerce, you still need an SSL certificate! With these new Google Chrome security updates, customers that see a site that’s listed as “insecure” are going to run away faster than you’d believe. An SSL certificate is a small price to pay knowing that your site is seen as secure by Google.

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