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Portland, Maine Power Outage Tips

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been affected by the power outage that occurred after the storm on Sunday. Hopefully, your power has been restored, but if not, we’ve put together some tips on what to do in Portland, Maine during a power outage! We’ve got a list of supplies that you need to have on hand, and some fun ways to actually enjoy a power outage too.

Top 5 Supplies You’ll Need During a Portland, Maine Power Outage:

  1. Flashlights

  2. Candles

  3. Backup Generator

  4. Extra Water

  5. Extra Batteries

Have you ever been stuck with the power out and found yourself wishing you had been just a little bit more prepared? Us too. The hope is that this will help you remember so you’re more prepared for the next time! Flashlights and electric lanterns are a big one. When the power goes out, you’re in total darkness for an undetermined period of time. Stock up on hardy, good quality flashlights from places like L.L. Bean and Reny’s, or if you’re running low on time, check out Amazon. Batteries obviously go right along with this, because a flashlight without batteries is completely useless. Another good tip: buy solar if you can. Solar flashlights charge outside in the sun, and don’t require batteries that have to be changed out, which makes them incredibly useful.

If you can get one, a backup generator will be your best friend when there’s a Portland, Maine power outage, no doubt. Having a generator means your power will never go out, and gives you some serious security during power outages! They aren’t cheap, but they are definitely an investment if you can afford them. If you know that there’s a bad storm coming, it’s always a good idea to buy extra water. Worst case scenario, you won’t end up needing it and you keep it on hand until you do. Being without clean, running water for a long time can be one of the hardest things about a power outage, so just stock up!

So, now that you know the essentials to being prepared for a Portland, Maine power outage, it’s time to talk about how to have fun during one!

Build An Epic Blanket Fort

Remember when you were a kid and building a blanket fort was literally the coolest thing ever? We’d like to argue that blanket forts are still pretty fun, especially in the dark! Extra flashlights are going to come in handy for this one. You’ll want to find some blankets, comforters, quilts…anything that you can use to build a fort. Furniture is a key aspect here too, so if you have any dining room chairs or sofas in other rooms, bring them in. If you want to be truly epic during a Portland, Maine power outage, your blanket fort should extend past one room. So if you start in the living room, continue and build a tunnel of sorts through any hallways and then continue into your bedroom. Blanket forts can be a great place to escape and read a book, so bring your Kindle or a stack of books in with you! Have kids at home? They’ll love your blanket fort and will be entertained for hours.

Host a Board Game Night

This might seem a little difficult, but extra flashlights always come in handy. Yes, you can play board games in the dark! In fact, if you want to use that blanket fort you created, you could actually host your board game night inside your blanket fort. Talk about the epitome of cool right here. If you have board games, bring in ones like Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Operation, or Trivial Pursuit. If you’re in the middle of a power outage and all of your friends are without power, it can be fun to hunker down and get through the power outage together. A board game night by flashlights (or head lamps if you have them) is a fun way to keep yourself sane, and pass the time. The power might even come back when you’re playing together!

If your power is out, we hope you can use the tips and tricks above! If not, put this guide on the back burner, and come back to it when you need some Portland, Maine power outage inspiration!