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relish your next rainy day in Portland Maine

We love summer in Portland, and cherish every sunny day we get. But summer in Portland usually means a little bit of rain, making it hard to go to our favorite beaches or walk outside to enjoy some local shopping. The next time you get the rainy day blues from being cooped up inside, just check out our handy guide instead! You’ll never hate another rainy day in Portland.

Spicy pan fried ramen on a rainy day in Portland at Bubble Mainea

Dinner at Bubble Mainea & a movie at The Nickelodeon

On a rainy weekend, there’s almost nothing better than beating the downpour by going to the movies. Here in Portland, we’re lucky, because we have the Nickelodeon, which brings indie masterpieces and mainstream movies. There’s a little bit of something for everyone at the Nick, but before the movie, we love to go grab a quick bite to eat at Bubble Mainea. Many people aren’t aware of the menu, including pork buns, wonton soup, and the standout: spicy pan fried ramen. On a rainy evening, this pan fried dish goes down easily, warming you inside and out. The pan fried ramen is topped with a savory cabbage slaw, and just a little bit of heat. Pair it with a pork bun and you have a delicious, inexpensive meal.

After finishing at Bubble Mainea, the Nick is literally just a few short steps away. Unless it’s opening night for something like Star Wars, you can usually get in and see a movie without having to worry about waiting in long lines. If you’re lucky and your rainy day in Portland is on a Tuesday, you can actually take advantage of $5 tickets, available all day. Where else are you going to find a $5 movie ticket in this day and age?

Portland Museum of Art

If you’re looking to indulge in some art and culture, make your way to the incomparable Portland Museum of Art. At the Portland Museum of Art, you’ll find collections and exhibitions unique to the museum featuring artists like Winslow Homer and Claude Monet. Exhibits are always changing, so it’s different art every time you go. The Portland Museum of Art remains one of the premier art museums in the Northeast, and is a popular tourist attraction for those that don’t live in Maine. On a rainy day in Portland, strolling through this beautiful art museum is a great way to kill a couple of hours, and learn something along the way.

Big J's Chicken Shack on a rainy day in Portland Maine.

The Thompson’s Point Bar Crawl

Rainy weekends can be so dreary, especially when you’re stuck inside at home. On a rainy day in Portland, we love to escape to Thompson’s Point. Many people think of Thompson’s Point when they go to a concert in the summer, but there’s also an unofficial bar crawl you can complete. After all, it’s extremely convenient that the three places you can drink at Thompson’s Point  (Bissell Brothers, Stroudwater Distillery, and Cellardoor Winery) are all in a line and next to each other! And on a rainy weekend, this is an easy way to get a couple of friends together and taste your way through the Point. Don’t forget to fuel up at Big J’s Chicken Shack for some of the best fried chicken in Portland that’ll be a highlight of your bar crawl experience.

The Escape Room

A rainy day in Portland is the perfect opportunity to escape it all and go try out The Escape Room. Located on Congress Street right before Monument Square, The Escape Room will transport you to another place, where you and your group have 60 minutes to escape. Be prepared to solve clues, search for answers, and race against the clock as you attempt to solve your mystery. There are several Escape Rooms available for booking, so even if you’ve tried one, there’s always more to try! There’s nothing scary about The Escape Room; it’s just about working together as a team to solve your way out.

Bayside Bowl

No matter the weather, it’s always a good excuse to go to Bayside Bowl. But on a rainy day in Portland, bowling at Bayside Bowl is even more fun! With their new expansion, there’s more room than ever before for bowling, with 20 lanes of USBC sanctioned lanes. So even if you’re a bowling novice, there will be plenty of space for you and a group of friends to bowl the day away! If you get hungry, Bayside Bowl has added onto their already impressive food menu, so you can chow down after a grueling session of bowling. If the sun comes out, check out the rooftop bar, one of our new favorite Portland hot spots!

The next time it rains in Portland, just consult our handy guide and say goodbye to your rainy day blues! Think we missed the best way to spend a rainy day in Portland? Let us know in the comments below!