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Are you a visual person? Do you find that looking at pictures are often easier to understand than having to read long, rambling articles? You’re not alone. In our digital sphere, it’s become more and more common to find a picture that can depict everything that we want to say. So what does that mean in the world of digital marketing? It means it’s become harder and harder to increase engagement by using just text or classic marketing strategies. If you want to tap into your customers visual side, it’s time to start thinking about how to increase engagement with simple infographics. 

Share Infographics On Social Media

An infographic that sits in the dark that nobody knows about won’t do anything to increase engagement. If you’re making an infographic, it’s key that you share it. And the best place to share an infographic: across social media. Infographics are made for social media, because they are easily digestible and visually pleasing, all at the same time. A good infographic will contain some pertinent copy, but it needs to be a quick and easy read. If you’re bogging down your infographic with too much text, your customers will get bored and move on to the next thing that happens to catch their eye. So keep it short and sweet, and make sure you’re sharing across all social networking platforms, not just Facebook. Take a look at the one we put together and it’s easy to see why infographics receive so much engagement!

infographic about infographics to increase engagement

Drive Additional Traffic To Your Site Or Blog

When sharing your infographic on social media, it’s important that it’s housed on your site physically. If your infographic is inside of a blog post, or on a page on your website, sharing the infographic means you’ll be able to drive additional traffic to your website or blog. What better way is there to increase engagement than by getting more qualified leads on your website? Infographics also make great gated content, if you want this to be content that you’re giving away, but getting back insightful information about leads and your customers. If you’re trying to strengthen or diversify your email list, infographics are an easy way to reel people in, while still giving them something in return.

Generate New Leads By Using Infographics

You might be thinking, how am I going to generate new leads by using infographics? It’s not a simple cut and dry answer, but infographics allow you to give your company more of a personalized voice. The last thing that people want to do is associate with robotic, stiff companies. When you create infographics, you’re showing off your more creative side, and it could help you gain and generate more leads. The sky is the limit when it comes to an infographic, so it always pays to have fun when creating them! You could create an infographic about how many cups of coffee your team drank in a whole year, or the number of responsive websites that were designed in the last 6 months. Pick content that is engaging, and will increase engagement all on its own.

Increase Engagement With Viral Content

Because infographics are so visual, you have a unique opportunity. Your infographic, or a blog post containing an infographic, could easily go viral. Especially when it comes to Facebook, pictures and video posts will always garner more engagement, it’s just a fact. Other ways to go viral with your infographic include uploading it to a slide share website, or just recycling your infographic and turning it into a short video. These bite sized pieces of content are often just long enough to catch people’s attention, and just short enough that the viewer will never feel overwhelmed.

Want to learn more about how you can add infographics into your marketing plan? We’re happy to help you craft the perfect strategy, so give us a call or drop us a line in the comments below!