Internet Marketing Tips

Have you given your digital marketing the spring clean it needs?

Believe it or not, we finally made it to spring! And yes, it’s literally felt like the winter that would never end here in the Northeast, but spring is finally here! With spring comes spring cleaning. We clean out our closets and homes to get ready for summer, but have you thought about a good digital marketing spring clean? The time has come, so sit back, relax and check out our tips to spring clean your digital marketing!

Adding An SSL Certificate To Your Site

We know, it seems like we’ve been a little bit naggy when it comes to adding SSLs to sites, but there is a reason. For one thing, complete website security should really be a no-brainer that all companies and businesses prioritize. The reason we’re pushing SSLs even harder is Google indicated on their Security Blog back in February that in July 2018, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites (not HTTPS) as “not secure”. What does this mean?

Remember this fun little warning?

Get Your Digital Marketing Updated With a Spring Clean!

In July (which is just 4 short months away) people who use Google Chrome are going to be seeing this full page message every time they go to an insecure site. Let’s not forget that Google Chrome is the most popular website browser, so this is going to affect a lot of sites. Google has also made it very clear that sites that don’t prioritize site security could see their rankings impacted for SEO, so they are serious about keeping the web secure. If you already added an SSL Certificate to your site, then your site is protected and secure. But if you haven’t, expect to see lower traffic, freaked out customers who don’t want to do business on an insecure site, and get used to that warning message, because people are a lot less likely to want to visit your website after seeing it.

Refresh Social Media

We aren’t going to tell you about the importance of social media, because you’ve probably already figured it out. Instead, it’s time to do a little spring clean for social media. We’re talking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest. It may only take you a few minutes but it’s important to give your social media a little TLC. Check out your cover images, especially on Facebook and Linked In. Are your images the right size? Are they fuzzy and hard to see, or high resolution and high quality?

After looking at cover photos, give your about sections some love. It never hurts to do a little refresh. People get tired of reading the same thing, over and over again, so feel free to rephrase your bios. This can make a big difference on Instagram, since users are so engaged on this network. This is also the perfect opportunity to see if you have listed appropriate hashtags in your bio. Or to add those hashtags if you haven’t already! Instagram introduced this new feature just last month, so it’s sure to be full of potential for small businesses!

Give Your SEO & Keywords A Once Over

Here at Portland Website Co., we are of the opinion that SEO is never finished. Though it’s a slower process, the value of SEO is immense. About once a quarter or so, it’s a good idea to look at your keywords, and how you are ranking. Are you offering new services that you want to be ranking for? Are there things that you track and optimize for that you no longer offer? It’s important that your SEO strategy matches what your business is bringing to the table. From there, make small tweaks for what you want to be ranking. If it sounds a little above your skill level, not to worry…we are SEO experts and can help! Small changes like this make a spring clean crucial.

We hope our digital marketing spring cleaning guide gives you some helpful tips! And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, feel free to fill out the form below. We can set up a website audit, or make digital marketing recommendations to help your business succeed!