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Ready to learn about the year of the landing page?

This year may be the Year of the Dog, but it’s also the year of the landing page. If you’re confused, don’t worry, we’re going to explain exactly what we mean. Digital marketing is all about being able to track ROI, and landing pages can help you get the numbers you need. Want to know why? Just keep reading!

What Is A Landing Page?

First of all, what is a landing page? To put it simply, landing pages are a page that is used to capture leads. A true landing page is not a direct page on your website, but it is styled to look and feel like your website, without the distractions. A website could have anywhere from 10 pages to over a hundred, and if you’re trying get leads, they could get distracted. A landing page is a simple solution to help keep your leads engaged, while also directing them through the process. Landing pages are especially effective when they have an offer or intriguing call to action. Engagement objects are an easy way to keep your leads where you want them, and get their contact information to follow up.

Why Do You Need A Landing Page?

Now that we know what a landing page is, the better question becomes, why do you need one? Not only are landing pages great for getting your leads through the marketing funnel, but they are extremely helpful when it comes to tracking your ROI, or return on investment. We’ve already talked about UTM tagging for email marketing, but landing pages are great for tracking your paid search efforts. Tracking is extremely important when it comes to paid search campaigns, because it shows the total value of the service. Even if you’re not doing paid search campaigns through Google Adwords, a landing page can come in handy when you’re doing Facebook Ads as well. This gives your leads a designated page to go to, and allows you to see just how much traffic is coming in through the Facebook Ads that you’re running.

Landing Page Best Practices

Having a landing page is not enough to be successful. What does this mean? It means you’re following landing page best practices! If you want to see high conversions and leads, the key is simplicity. After all, your landing page shouldn’t be overwhelming the people that are being brought to it. Instead, it should be guiding them through the process, giving them information that they want, and providing a way to get additional information as well. Landing pages need to be engaging, without being distracting. It’s a fine science, but when it’s done well, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get!

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