Internet Marketing Tips

When you live in Maine, it’s just a known fact that every summer, the tourists come to town. In Portland, tourist season sometimes feels like it just takes over, and it can be very overwhelming. Instead of dreading tourist season, use it to boost your business, and spread the word about what you’re bringing to the table. Even if you’re running a seasonal business, there are plenty of opportunities to interact and stay engaged with your customers, and even potential customers who just haven’t heard of you yet.

Clean Up Your Local Presence

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for tourist season is getting your local presence up to date. This can mean many things, but your online local presence is where many customers are looking for you. This means that your address, phone number, zip code, and other local business information needs to be as up to date as possible. There cannot be any confusion when it comes to your customers finding you, because they may get frustrated and go visit a competitor instead. There’s nothing easy about keeping all this information up to date, which is where our Local SEO services become helpful. We’ll personally make sure your online presence is updated, and is uniform across every place that you can be found on the internet.

Give Your Website A Good Dusting Off

When you’re preparing for the busy season, it’s also key that your website is in tip top shape as well. Updating a website is not necessarily always easy, but it is always important. Because people are on their smartphones constantly, it is imperative that your site is responsive. Being responsive means that your website looks great on all devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets, and provides a completely seamless experience. If your site is already responsive, make sure to be updating the text, adding new pages, and generally giving your site a little facelift. Although you want the user to have a good experience, Google also keeps track of how often the site is updated, and that can affect rankings. If you’re posting a blog regularly, adding new pictures, and rewriting copy, you’ll begin to see increases with your overall SEO strategy.

Start Marketing Earlier Than You Think

You may think you know when your busy season is, but are you starting your marketing efforts too late? Even if your busiest season is only a few months long, it’s important to be in front of your customers, all year long. One great resource is social media. Having a Facebook business page, Instagram account, and Twitter account can do a lot when it comes to brand recognition. Post content that your customers care about, and will be interested in sharing. If a local newspaper or magazine publishes an interview with you, make sure to share it! It never hurts to be in the back of a customer’s mind, and may be the thing that makes them come back, year after year. Social media is also a fantastic way to engage with your customers, and give your business a true voice. Combine that with aesthetically appealing pictures posted on Instagram, and you could build a strong customer base with very little effort.

Getting ready for tourist season doesn’t have to be difficult, because we can help! If you’re looking to give your business a little branding boost, just fill out the contact form below. We’re happy to help!